The Futuris Investment Opportunity

Futuris is the future of Human Capital management. We have acquired seven profitable staffing and technology companies, and we plan to acquire more. You are welcome to join us and share in our success.

Our Story

A company’s team is its real treasure, and that is why it is called Human Capital. Futuris’ mission is to manage companies’ Human Capital by helping them build their teams with the best candidates in the world.

When you invest in Futuris, you are helping companies around the world build better teams, and helping us grow our revenues.

Watch this short video to learn more about what we do.

An introduction to Futuris Company.

Why Invest in Futuris?

Plan to Up-List

We are an OTC Company now (FTRS), and as soon as we complete our certified audit we plan to list on NASDAQ.

Powerful New Team

We now have Larry Parrotte as our new CEO, and Robert Day as our CFO.

Experienced Partners

We have retained Boustead Securities to help us with our capital raise.

We Are Growing

We have acquired 7 companies and continue to grow our revenues.

We Are Acquiring Companies Worldwide

Futuris builds great medical teams around the world.

Futuris is acquiring a global network of world-class portfolio companies with powerful solutions in technology and staffing. In the last two years, we have acquired six new companies.

We use the latest technology to search the world to find the absolute best companies in every field. With our spectacular technology and outstanding companies, we are creating the future of human capital.

We take a majority interest in the companies we acquire. When you invest in Futuris, you are joining in our success as we acquire more profitable companies to grow our revenues.

Our Revenues

When you invest in Futuris, you are participating in our growth. In the last 12 months our net profits grew over 300%.

For more information, see our latest Annual Report.

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Futuris Acquires Insigma, an International IT Firm

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The Futuris Team

Larry Parrotte


Larry brings over 30 years of Human Capital Management and Outsourced Staffing Solutions experience to the Futuris Team. Larry will manage the daily operation of the business and will lead our commitment to growth by focusing on delivering service excellence and value creation across our portfolio for our clients and shareholders. Larry has served as CEO, COO, EVP, and SVP in both private and public service sector companies ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar entities.

Robert Day


Robert Day is the company’s new CFO. He has been a Chief Financial Officer, a Chief Accounting Officer and a Corporate Controller and has extensive experience in Mergers and Acquisitions as well as integrating acquired companies into unified environment. In addition, Robert has successfully taken two companies through the process of going public (IPO) and they both were traded on the NASDAQ Exchange.

Naveen Doki, MD


Naveen Doki is clinically trained to be a Hematologist and Oncologist. He obtained his degree from University of California at Irvine and his fellowship at University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Naveen has been a consummate entrepreneur with successful investments in real estate, information technology, infrastructure and urgent care practices. He currently has ownership in Technology firms.

Ready to Invest?

Futuris is now offering an opportunity to invest in our company, and you will be investing before the world fully recognizes our investment opportunity.

We have an opportunity for accredited investors to subscribe to convertible notes that will be converted into shares. The notes have a discount of 30% and pay 8% annually.

We are “testing the waters” for non-accredited investors who can reserve shares in our offering. We are not selling shares yet, only taking interest.

Need More Information?

An investment in Futuris entails risk, including the risk that you could lose some or all your investment.

If you have questions about our company and this investment opportunity, please contact Larry Parrotte, our new CEO: