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Everyone always wants to know when is the best time to buy a stock. Most people buy a stock when things look great, the stock is going up, and everyone is happy. ...

Everyone always wants to know when is the best time to buy a stock. Most people buy a stock when things look great, the stock is going up, and everyone is happy. “The trend is your friend”, some say. But that may not always be the best time. First of all, you should not buy a stock based on your own judgment alone. Get some advice from your financial planner, your broker, your friend who does well in the market for many years, and even from publications that analyze companies.

Never buy a stock on a “tip” from someone – for several reasons. First of all, and most importantly, they may have some information that is illegal. They may have gotten some insider information that’s about as legal as three dollar bills and trading on that information can even lead to JAIL. No, you don’t want to go to the pokey, just because of a stock “tip”. Also, don’t buy a stock because “it went up”. Tomorrow it may go down! Stocks go up or down for too many different reasons to name here, and those reasons are often way too complex to base an investment decision on.

“Okay, when DO I buy a stock”, you say. Here is the answer: You buy a stock like Warren Buffet does, on the company’s fundamentals, and when those fundamentals indicate that the stock might be undervalued. You must also think of buying a piece of a company, not just their stock. If you and your financial advisor have not studied the fundamentals of a company, then you are flying blind. Go to Vegas if you want to gamble. When your broker calls and suggests a stock, ask her to tell you about the company’s fundamentals; like revenues, profits, publicly released news, etc. Get the whole picture.

So why are we sending you this newsletter on Futuris? Do we want you to buy our stock? The answer is “maybe.” But we want you to talk to your broker or financial advisor first. Ask her what she thinks about Futuris. The ticker symbol is FTRS and it is listed on the OTC as a pink sheet company. “Why on EARTH would she let you buy a pink sheet company”, you say? Ask her to check the fundamentals.

The stock as of August 7, 2023 is trading just under 7 cents, and even worse than that, it has been trading down recently! (She might think you’re crazy for even asking her). But you should ask her to look at the Futuris fundamentals listed below. This is PUBLIC information on Futuris, so you won’t get in trouble:

  • Futuris has almost $46 million dollars in revenues in the last twelve months.
  • Futuris has just acquired INSIGMA, a company with over $9 million in annual revenues, and this will make Futuris’ annual revenues even higher.
  • Futuris has a new veteran CEO/CFO and he was formerly with NASDAQ-traded companies.
  • Futuris has hired MediaShares, a major marketing firm to promote the company.
  • Futuris expects to complete its financial audit in just a few weeks, which should enable the company to up-list to the OTC QB and NASDAQ soon after that, increasing potential liquidity.
  • Futuris has now acquired seven companies in the technology and staffing industries. With a 3.2% unemployment rate, most staffing companies are doing incredibly well now.
  • Within the next 30 – 60 days the Company expects its Regulation A offering to be open for investment. This can help the company retire debt and have capital to grow.

Futuris management believes the company is doing very well and expects the company to do even better in the future, but you could also ask your advisor if she thinks the general public may not be fully aware of this company’s potential, and does that mean the company’s stock may be undervalued?

Of course, one never knows for sure about a company’s future. Investing in the stock market, especially in a lightly traded company like Futuris, is risky and you could lose some or all of your money. So ask your financial advisor or broker what she thinks. Tell her to watch these videos.

At Futuris, we have an opportunity for investors to join us. We believe that with additional investments, we can acquire more successful companies and grow even more. So after you speak to your financial advisor or broker, ask her if Futuris would be a good investment for you.

We are not yet selling stock in our Reg A offering, so you will need to buy publicly traded stock through your broker. There is also good information on Futuris available on the OTC Markets web page:

Also, Futuris will have a shareholder’s meeting/or report very soon.

If you would like to learn more, and possibly invest in Futuris, you may also want to speak to Robert Day, our CEO/CFO.

Robert’s number:
Robert’s email:

You are welcome to join us and share in our success.

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